Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kale Chips!

So today is weigh in day and I am at 276lbs. I was hoping for more but am not working that hard for it I must admit. I have been exercising sparatically and sometimes caving into my cravings. Ice cream is the devil...even it it is non fat/no sugar....I'm also hungry 90% of the time....I wish I could figure out why I'm so self sabatoging. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to climb stairs and not be out of breath. I want to feel good about myself again. I want all this yet I'm not exercising like I should be. When I'm off of work I tend to eat out. I am hurting no one but myself I know. I have a million excuses! Every week I vow to do better and every week I suck! During the work week I do great. Make all my lunches and dinners all perfectly poirtioned out. Every calorie counted! Everything weighed!  But days off I eat like a monster! WTH!! I don't even know why this happens. I need to knock it off and be good to myself....for myself!
The funny thing is a lot of people I work with are telling me oh goodness I can see you have lost so much already...well thats nice and all but I don't see it. I still feel 330lbs and I still see 330lbs when I look in the mirror. I honestly think they are just trying to be encouraging but I wish if they are serious that I could see it.....
One another note...I have a new passion! Kale chips! They are delicious and healthy and soooo easy to make. They satisfy my salt cravings and even my 12 year old nephew likes them and he wouldn't touch healthy food if I paid him....which I have tried to do by the way.....I just made a batch today and packed them for my midday snack. Sooo yummy!

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  1. Can you share the recipe for the kale chips? I'd love to try them.

    Don't be discouraged. Changing the mental aspect is the hardest part of this...especially when you don't have good restriction yet. If you're hungry all the time, it's time for a fill. When are you getting your next one? My days off are hard for me too...